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I really like this guy probably too much and I'm a true believer in that fate puts us where we should be but I do realize in 10 years I could be ill and how will he react. And don't take this an offensive way as i believe there was never intention to it. Now, I'm thinking how happy is he going to be later down the road knowing that he adopted instead of having his own biological child? Although they are in love and married, he has already cheated on her.

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I am actually 20 years older than my girlfriend, and sometimes I get knots in my stomach when I think about it, but I love her to bits, and cannot imagine what my life would be without her.

There are times when we are having an argument when she just regress into a little girl and her logics goes, but when she has given it some thought she is balance and rational. Can I imagine at 40 to be with a woman 18 years older, I am not sure, but you never know with love, it is no respecter of persons, age and culture.

i know from experience that love isent enough, you need to have a strong base.. issues might occure in your relationship such as him wanting a younger women.. It's been a learning lesson because I've come to realize that the soul is ageless. If I died tomorrow I would be happy that I spent my time loving someone that mattered. I can't worry about 20 years from now because when I married someone my age, 20 years went by and it crumbled. You never know how you feel until it you are in it yourself.

It doesn't matter who looks younger, older or who is more mature.

He wants no more children and has a condition of his own that could shorten his life while so far I'm healthy. He has a full time job, and is ok for the most part. (i am not saying you aren't doing that, but what you should do in my opinion). While being in love, you also need to reality check. Even though he has adopted, that still is not his own biological child and that has got to be a different feeling. By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

I realize to some this is odd at the least and disgusting at the most but the heart doesn't take any of that into consideration and just does it's own thing. Its not only about kids but basic differences between you two which can be increased due to the age gap. I am saying it works best when you don't forget to deal with the basic issues, interests at first. I didn't pick him he picked me not really his fault as I look quite young for my age for some impossible reason and I have a lot of spark who knows why.I never got asked out by anyone older than 54 and so I began dating younger.When I gave in, it was the sweetest experience of my life.It opened my mind and my creative impulses like never before.Older men have all sorts of issues, #1 being sexual issues (not being able to last for more than 5 minutes),etc. So live and let live and don't let the old prunes with their warped judgements ruin your days!

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