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Also, the illness still plays a role in daily life shortly after treatment completion.Therefore, we hypothesized that students would be less interested in dating someone who has had cancer and is still under close medical monitoring as compared to a survivor who no longer regularly visits the hospital for check-ups related to the treatment of cancer.Chances are, I've already been through hell and back, so if you seem hesitant, I'm probably not going to try and convince you otherwise, and that's ok.

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Be patient so that I can work up the courage to tell you my story, my hopes and fears, and what it means for the future.

This may mean emotional support, it may mean chance of recurrence, and it may mean doctor's appointments or side effects. Be patient and I will tell you what you need to know when I feel like it's time you need to know, and I will be patient as you learn how to support me.

There are plenty of maladies affecting nearly everyone. Even some types of acne can completely ruin someone's self-esteem. I think you're strong for facing your depression or giving yourself insulin shots every day.

So when the topic comes up, let's try not to make it a thing unless you want to make your thing a thing too.

As time goes on and a relationship grows, the advice gets deeper and changes based on each story.

Dating, or loving someone who has or has had cancer doesn't have to be taboo.

This resulted in a sample of respondents, of which ten left the survey before randomization see Table 1column experiment 3.

Participants in the beyond follow-up condition were on average Univariate general linear model with condition beyond follow-up vs.

Some survivors use medication to lower the chance of recurrence.

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