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Rombold and Bruhl are raising their son in a multilingual household, much like their own upbringing.

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Daniel Brühl is a German-Spanish actor who has been gaining critical acclaim for his brilliant performance in “The Alienist.” However, many have become far more intrigued and fascinated by his other half, Felicitas Rombold, the striking brunette often seen by his side at premieres.

So, what do we know about Brühl’s muse who helped him to prepare for his role in the hit series, who is also the mother of his child?

Hynes grew up together along with Lara Hynes, Milo Hynes, also his two sisters.

Hynes left his debut on the small screen in the 2016 docudrama television show along with Nicholas Pinnock, Jefferson Hall, Ben Batt, and more.

The couple is seen attending events such as the screening of the show on January 11, 2017 in the AMC Lincoln Square Theatre.

Nevertheless the celebrities also have denied the rumors asserting to be pals, because there are rumors of these relationship.

Like Bruhl, Rombold grew up in a multilingual household.

Rombold and Bruhl are extremely guarded about their private lives, but it has been confirmed that the two are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Bruhl - 1955 includes: Graham Armitage as Doctor Hilda Braid as Mrs. Bruhl Robert Gillespie as Ollie Breithofer Lucy Griffiths as Mrs.

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