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Amber becomes softer at about 150°C (300°F) and the melting temperature for amber is about 300o C (570°F). it does not form a liquid) but rather decomposes above the melting temperature, unlike synthetic resins. Solvents Amber is relatively resistant towards solvents and chemicals.

This floating test trial eliminates glass, heavy phenolic resins and celluloid as amber imitations.

However, copal would not be clearly differentiated by this test. Electrostatic charging Amber has the ability to become electrostatically charged after being vigorously rubbed on cloth (best on wool, felt or silk).

It is unique and beautiful and can be quite expensive when the pieces are exquisite, or contain rare organic inclusions – insects or plants, which are extinct for a long, long time.

Attempts to counterfeit amber are as old as its history.

The flotation test can be done only on unmounted pieces of amber, without any metal.

The salty solution is prepared from about 1 part of salt by weight to 2 parts of water (or when there is still some salt on the bottom after mixing of the solution and after settling for a while).Moreover, great interest in paleontological objects such as prehistoric insects or plants caused the rise in the production of fake amber inclusions, where common insects are sealed in falsified amber or in copal and sold as genuine prehistoric artifacts. How to be sure that your piece of the “Gold of the North” is authentic and not just a plastic fake?Although there are various tests to help recognize true amber, it is generally not so trivial, especially with the modern methods of “enhancement” of amber.Put your amber piece into the solution and watch it floating.After the floating test, amber should be thoroughly rinsed in clean water and dried.Amber Sky Records now has Gift Cards available to help give families access to the music you use every week.

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