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The harder you try to look for the plan, the more inexplicable things become. You know, I worked with Frances Mc Dormand [frequent actress in the Coen brothers' movies and wife of Joel Coen] in Moonrise Kingdom. There's the Dreamlifter [Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter].

SR: I'm not inclined to put a sunny face on everything, but I think that tough times really do wind up making people closer.

SR: Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood, those guys — BM: They keep going. BM: I've had it looked at, but it does shake on that side. I ended up much closer to my guys than I ever would have been.

" I'd just left Georgia, and I had really had enough of Georgia. He didn't particularly like the cold either, but he's a tough bird, that boy. Because I keep looking at the hood and it's shaking. BM: As much as the divorce was very hard, the fallout of it has been really great.

Woody called me up and said, "Do you want to try this thing? Of course, I'm with Duvall, who's, like, seventy-nine or something and he's just a horse. SR: You seem to have close relationships with your sons.

Sometimes you can get into a restaurant where the kitchen is just closing. But the only time it really matters is in the emergency room with your kids. And he's grown as a person, as a man, as a movie director. And he's managed to make the making of movies a real living experience. You could be relaxed in your own skin, but it also meant that you could work endless, ungodly art-movie hours because there was gonna be a meal prepared for you when you're done.

BM: There's only a couple times when fame is ever helpful. SR: The last time we talked about Wes Anderson was after what sounded like a horrible experience in Italy for The Life Aquatic. BM: Wes is still a young man, but he was just a kid when I met him on Rushmore.

Published in the June/July 2012 issue Friday, early evening in the basement of Murray's house in Charleston, South Carolina. SCOTT RAAB: Your name came up once in an interview with Robert Downey Jr. BILL MURRAY: Well, people get pretty quiet when they hear his name, too. When the phone started ringing too many times, I had to take it back to what I can handle. It's incredibly important to be relaxed — you don't have a chance if you're not relaxed. He just keeps saying, "You have to love what is best in that other person and only what's best in that other person.

SR: Downey told me: "We wanted Bill to consider a role in Iron Man, but nobody could find him." Show people are awestruck by your inaccessibility. I take my chances on a job or a person as opposed to a situation. SR: Your Second City teacher/mentor Del Close is a guy I've never read enough about. BM: Well, he was a guy who had great knowledge of the craft of improvisation. Came out of Manhattan, Kansas, and ended up hanging out with the Beats. When you start and the first few lines don't grab and people are going like, "What's this? That's what you have to love" — LINCOLN [from the top of the stairs]: Dad!

BM: I've been sent a few things I didn't really care about. [Murray plays FDR.] That was the first time I've actually had a full-on movie role in several years.

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