Consolidating school distrcts Webcam girls win mobile

This creates a rocky marriage that local leaders have ignored.

Most fail to address it because it’s an unpopular topic and there are no winners.

Today, the District is now at a crossroads on where to go.

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With the exception of Joel Bryant, local leaders couldn’t wait to jump off the fireboard and have run as far away as possible from trying to solve the Districts problems since going to an appointed Board.

But a telling stat is neither Brentwood, Oakley or Discovery Bay has had an in-depth discussion about its future fire service in over a year.

The District has a revenue problem thanks to the housing collapse and has dropped from 8-stations down to 5-stations—soon to be three stations after recent polling highlighted a June Tax measure will likely fail.

Without a tax passage in June, the District will be reduced to three-stations Nov. Worse than a money issue has been the Districts inability to successfully communicate with the people they serve to share just how bad things are within the District.

To make matters worse, in a shot-gun style wedding, it was done under an old model of consolidation which never merged districts by regionalization—meaning Antioch and Pittsburg should have been included.

Twelve years later, money and communication problems are quickly pushing the District towards a divorce with East County.

The problem is neither will occur because there are too many personalities in East Contra Costa County to allow for progress.

If you look at the six communities the District serves, all have different ideas, personalities, opinions, and motivations going forward.

Going forward, if the District truly wants to save its marriage with East County, an open line of communication and public outreach needs to begin immediately because it’s headed towards a break up.

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