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In this article, I'll show you two ways to use what already exists to create new presentations.

Even when you're not pressed for time, you'll want to use these time-saving features: Power Point's Reuse Slides feature lets you quickly add slides from one presentation into another.

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In addition, you can use the Custom Slide Show to define multiple shows within the same presentation file.

There's no demonstration file for this article; I'll be working with two templates, Open House and Classroom Expectations.

Trying to create a presentation quickly is unpleasant, because they take time!

If you're lucky, you can piece together parts of other presentations, add a few new slides, and save the day.

However, you can choose to keep the formatting of the slide you're copying instead.) When you import a slide from one presentation to another, it is simply a copy of the original.

Changes you make to the copy do not affect the original slide in the other presentation.

You can add one or more slides to your presentation from another, without having to open the other file.

(By default, a copied slide inherits the design of the slide you're inserting it after in the destination presentation.

Working with one file is certainly easier than working with several.

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