Consequences of online dating

I’m going to be honest with you: Online dating is not ideal.

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And, although I prefer good old-fashioned human interaction, I’ll say it again: It’s momentarily convenient.

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Don’t get me wrong; I’m absolutely sick of online dating.

But, Tinder gave me an occasional friend to talk to.

Your pain is so intense even Kanye West’s recent adaption of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (blessings to Adam Lambert for assisting the recovery) leaves you absent of laughter.

So, you head to the app store, find the “free” or “light” version of e Harmony or Match, because who wants to pay for love?

And, if he sees my profile, he’s judging me as well, processing all the different characteristics I could posses.

I can attest to this entire process because I’ve done it. Here are a few reasons why: Whether it's 4 am or 12 pm, making a connection with someone can happen instantaneously.

So what if he's most likely not the sexy guy to the right in a group profile picture?

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