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The contact is available but engaged in another activity.Activities include the following: The contact is in a phone, voice, or video conversation.For example, if you will be away from your desk for several minutes, you can set your presence status to Be Right Back.

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In this particular case, popup shows previous title of the user. Background: By default, every morning at approximately AM, the new address book is updated and at some random time within the first hour of logging into the workstation the next day, the updates from the day before are downloaded in the compact delta file.

However, there are 2 AD attributes that are not included in the compact delta file: office and title.

The contact is in a multiparty conversation using phone, voice, or video.

The Microsoft Office Outlook calendar shows that the contact has a scheduled meeting.

Presence status, which is the colored circle next to a contact’s name, indicates a person’s willingness and availability to communicate.

Green presence status, for example, indicates that a contact is Available for a conversation, whereas red presence status indicates that the contact is Busy and might not want to be interrupted.

Presence status appears next to users’ names, including yours, in several areas in the Group Chat client.

You can use presence status to indicate your availability to communicate to other people.

You see this status if the contact has assigned you to an access level other than the Team access level and the following condition exists: The contact has manually set their presence to Do Not Disturb.

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