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They don't grow at all throughout the entire show. Dan is just pretentious although I do feel like he does grow a bit through the series. I think it's really lovely to watch her become a real mother when she marries Cyrus.

They always end up growing and changing from the messes they've made.

Yes Blair and chuck have ruined people's lives but they don't try to say they are good people.

I felt bad when she was sure her dad didn't leave and then she went to the lobby to see he had - that might be the only time I felt bad for that character - ever. I felt really bad for Ivy and was disgusted with the was the VDW's treated her - they were complete snobs.

I'm glad she got a happy ending with money and a movie deal for her book.

I have never fallen more in love with a male character than Chuck Bass. I also really loved Ivy before they turned her character into a complete psycho. Also Louis before they turned him into an awful character. She thought she was going to be in a happy marriage and when he switched just like that she dropped him. I still really like them the best (they have the most emotional actress/actors in my opinion which is part of what makes them the best whereas with Serena I have a really hard time feeling bad for her because Blake Lively sort of always looks bored/annoyed).

Serena always goes for some guy says "it's different" and throws a fit when people tell her she has to get her act together. Nate grows a bunch and really turns into a good guy. I feel like lily and Rufus where really good and should have ended up together but obviously that couldn't. Anyway I'm just surprised that Blake got more famous off of this and not Leighton because the acting that she did showed a much larger range of emotions.


The only relationship she ever had that had any emotional charge was with Carter and then they canned that story line and she acted as if it never happened when he showed up again.

Chuck is probably third, since he's done some pretty shitty stuff, but for the most part I love him, especially the person he becomes with Blair.

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