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My own kids now range from twenty-two to twenty-nine now and Christian books have played an important part in reinforcing the Biblical principles and Christian morals that we as a family live.A creative and "out-of-the-box" method to inspire teens and young adults to engage in Bible study is to use Christian books for teens.Our oldest daughter is an avid sports fan and athlete.

You can find many free Christian teenage dating sites online. One of the best websites on the Internet for Christian teen dating is the free website Ignite Your Faith (see Resources below).

These websites are safe and fun ways for Christian teenagers to meet potential dating partners in their area. This website offers information for Christian teens interested in dating, including message boards, advice columns, dating tip sections, hot topics and resources.

In The Justice Riders, dangerous outlaws pursue devilish dreams of fortune and their faith-filled opponents: unsung Civil War heroes bent on bringing justice to places that have none. He also enjoyed Frank Perretti's Christian books for teens which are full of suspense.

Surprisingly, our youngest daughter also enjoyed these.

Many times they stir up questions in her about love, dating, friendship, etc.

These then cause her to wonder what the Bible has to say about such topics, and she begins to dig for herself into God's Word.:) Hangman's Curse, Volume #1, The Veritas Project By Thomas Nelson The Veritas Project is their code name--but only a handful of people know teens Elijah and Elisha Springfield have been covertly commissioned by the President to investigate strange mysteries that delve into the paranormal and supernatural.Their charge is to find out not only what happened, but why--the veritas (Latin for truth) behind the seemingly impossible phenomena.If you are a teenager, there is no rush to find a partner in the immediate future.Instead of posting profiles on dating websites, consider simply making friends with peers online.Will spending time online in search of people to date ruin your non-virtual social life?

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