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A big thanks again to everyone who helped us bring Y and I home just in time for Christmas!

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The Chipin widget has had some trouble updating, but as it stands now the drive is 24% complete or we have reaised $62. When Proudhon wrote these words, far and away the most important form of property was land, and most ownership of land was the result of arbitrary claims enforced by the ruling government rather than personal homesteading or voluntary transfers traceable to a personal homesteader. Thoughtful anarcho-capitalists concede this point, and insist they only support homestead-based claims, thinking they have addressed the entire anarcho-communist objection to private property. For another fundamental point is that owners of land were considered to have the exclusive right to determine what happens to everything on their land.

More so, since it was the same man, Pierre Proudhon, who said all three.

Nearly all of them also agree with Thomas Jefferson’s formulation of the rights of man in the Declaration of Independence, where he states that the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable (which is an acceptable variant of inalienable, regardless of what you’ve heard), meaning that they are “incapable of being repudiated or transferred to another.” [No, “uncapable” is not an acceptable variant.] But if “Trespassers Will Be Shot On Sight” is a valid assertion of property rights by the owner, then it is clear that self-ownership isn’t going to get you very far: your unalienable rights only exist as long as you can find a spot nobody else owns, at which point you can be immediately declared an illegal alien.

Yes, of course, I might shoot someone because they are a credible threat to my life, but this is true whether they’ve threatened me in the home I own, the apartment I rent, the hotel where I’m staying, or the restaurant where I’m eating: it has nothing to do with my being the owner of the property.

John Hasnas has written (PDF) an excellent account of how law developed in pre-Norman England, with property rights arising as an effective alternative to blood feuds.

And Bruce Benson, in his many studies in , has identified property rights as a characteristic of all the legal systems he has seen develop in societies without central planners.

Proprietary communities are another extraordinary application of extreme propertarianism.

Defenders of these sometimes assert that rules can be set and enforced, so long as the property was legitimately homesteaded or transferred.

When anarcho-capitalists are asked for historical examples of their societies, they usually pick multi-century examples such as Celtic Ireland and Viking Iceland, while anarcho-communists point to short-term experiments such as the Paris Communes and Spanish Revolution.

It does appear that anarchist societies which respected property rights lasted a heck of a lot longer before failing.

This version will focus on adding features to the ODE wiki system.

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