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Somehow within this convoluted splatter, a holograph named the Pokey Chatman Incident is produced; she and it are the perfect microcosmic image of what our sporting world represents as a whole.

—————————– Pokey Chatman was the head coach of Louisiana State’s women’s basketball team.

Oddly, Jordan Blum and Scott Rabalais of [Chatman’s] release was sent out after a quote attributed to Chatman was changed, according to an e-mail from Vincent to (senior women’s administrator Judy) Southard, (LSU Athletic Director, Skip) Bertman and LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe.“My resignation yesterday has prompted speculation and false rumors that far exceeded my expectations …” Chatman said according to the statement.

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Not only is she a south Louisiana native, but she has a national championship on her coaching resume.

As a player, she led the Lady Techsters to four consecutive Final Four appearances and two national titles.

Many LSU fans think athletic director Skip Bertman should just latch onto Mulkey and pummel her with money until she relents. Mulkey is a proven winner, an accomplished basketball tactician, and a traditional family woman (if you know what I'm saying).

She won't be out-coached and there's virtually no chance of this kind of scandal repeating itself.

It needs asserting that since Berry was a close confidante of Chatman’s, Berry apparently knew of Chatman’s relationship well before she alerted school officials.

Berry’s closeness to Chatman through the years could not have gone unnoticed by the athletic department (school officials, after determining that the incident dealt with a former player, informed the athletic department). How long did Berry know of this relationship, particularly since she is described as “a longtime friend and colleague” of Chatman’s?

Think of this: Chatman was/is so close to Berry that after Chatman was told to remove herself from her team .

The potential “things” are these: Carla Berry is involved in some sort of power play by boosters, university officials, the athletic department, or by Berry herself; that neither “school officials” nor the athletic department removed Berry from contact with the team as they did Chatman points to complicity between Berry and/or the athletic department and school officials; that Chatman continued to seek counsel from Berry further illustrates Berry’s duplicity in what for all the world appears to be a coup d’etat by Berry and shadow figures of Chatman and her reign as head coach for one of the top women’s basketball teams in the country.

Additionally, if Berry informed school officials of Chatman’s relationship with a player, why did LSU administrators feel this action impinged on the head coach’s relationship her current players?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what is Berry’s motivation for doing this to her close friend?

She was the 2005 United States Basketball Writers Association coach of the year and the 2005 Naismith National coach of the year.

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