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gfoster (Geoff Foster, sports editor): After weeks of crunching every possible playoff scenario, we finally got our two matchups for the College Football Playoff: Clemson vs. Much was made of Georgia potentially making it, but it seemed very unlikely that they’d take a two-loss nonconference champ over a pair of one-loss conference champs — even if UGA was probably better talent-wise.

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TCU managed to do that when it was facing similar problem. Is this the best QB battle in terms of single-season QBR that we’ve ever seen? They won Conference USA just a few years removed from having their football program eliminated.

sara.ziegler: Or we could solve this with an eight-team playoff! Each is on pace to set the single-season record (though that will change, I’m sure). gfoster: That’s the Cheribundi Boca Raton Bowl, Sara. It’s at this time where I’d normally ask for predictions.

gfoster: Oddly, I think blowing out Michigan in such ugly fashion actually hurt Ohio State, because most people seemed to write off that game (rightly) as UM being overrated rather than Ohio State beating a team ranked fourth in the country.

neil: And yet the Wolverines were allowed to (easily) be Notre Dame’s most signature win…

gfoster: For all we knock ND, they are playing teams like NC State, USC, Syracuse — all of whom would be one of the hardest games on UCF’s schedule.

neil: How can they improve their SOS, short of joining a better conference? ) I don’t think any real power team wants to play them nonconference. gfoster: You could get a mid-tier Power-Five team that would take them at home, no?

But likewise, Northwestern didn’t really give Ohio State much of a resume boost. (😢 UCF) gfoster: UCF needs to boost its strength of schedule if it wants to be taken seriously. And I don’t think the Knights should have gotten in.

But it’s not like Notre Dame’s schedule was off the charts.

🤔🤔🤔 sara.ziegler: Notre Dame getting its special dispensation, as per usual.

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