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And I think a lot of people can relate to that uncertainty. Would you be interested in making another movie in the genre-bending style of Paper Heart?

Making the film didn’t necessarily change my own perceptions on the subject, but I was definitely inspired by meeting all of these amazing people and hearing their stories. NJ: Charlyne, Jake Johnson and I are writing a pilot for HBO right now.

So we decided she should be on camera and that the audience should experience the film through her eyes.

Then we started talking about what the arc of the film would be and the ideal outcome would be that Charlyne would change and understand love at the end of the process.

In the interview, he seemed extremely confident in his ideas on true love and who he shared it with.

But later, when he tells us his story of nearly dying, I felt like he was realizing on camera that maybe he was wrong.

It’s going really well and I hope we get to shoot it.

I’m also writing a feature with Bill Hader that I hope will be my next film.NJ: It was difficult because we wanted the fictional elements to feel as realistic as the documentary elements—or as close as possible—so we used a limited amount of setups and mostly natural lighting, mimicking the two-camera approach we had used on the doc portions.We had the actors improvise the scenes off of an outline and kept the number of takes to a minimum.Just before the movie’s release, MM caught up with co-writer-director Nicholas Jasenovec (who’s actually a character in the film, played by Jake Johnson) to discuss his intriguing, idiosyncratic Paper Heart.Kyle Rupprecht (MM): You worked on the film for several years with your good friend Charlyne Yi.She asked me for help and we began developing the idea together.

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