Change ftp password updating

You will receive onscreen confirmation that your master FTP password has been changed.

Hello From the site manager, I sometimes have to update the ftp password and it works fine until I'm not quiting Filezilla.

When I restart Fillezilla, the new ftp password is lost.

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You can externally download firmware and configuration information of this machine to update them.

You can keep using the machine even while downloading firmware or configuration information.Upgraded to 10 from 7 Pro and ftp access was working fine in 7 Pro (as was the password for the ftp site). Checked with host and password still works fine for them. Now, with Windows 10, the ftp login will not accept my password. To get around the problem, I have to duplicate the site with the new password.I did not have this problem with previous versions. FTP directory / path If your FTP software requires you to enter a directory or path, this will be /web.

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