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Another pitfall of being in love is the deactivation of neural pathways that help us make judgments about others, hence “love is blind.” We fall in love blind, dumb, and addicted but hopefully emerge with a more stable attachment based relationship.

This book came recommended by a couple of single non-psychologist friends who described it as “eye opening” and “a must read.” Attachment, our style of intimacy in romantic relationships, influences how we respond to our crushes, dates, and partners.

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Six months later, two pairs of those subjects got married and invited the lab to their weddings.

Len Catron describes her own recreation of this experiment with an acquaintance of hers, with whom she was mildly romantically interested in. We put this book in the Singles category because it’s about the self work necessary for improving psychological well being. Richo guides the reader through an exploration of the impact of childhood experiences, understanding negative emotions such as fear, building self-esteem, and maintaining boundaries and intimacy in relationships. Richo helps you process your own stuff so you can feel more free and authentic in your life and effectively function in relationships. Every page is packed with helpful insights and advice that take time to reflect on.

As a result, women are left with a narrower choice in the dating pool - choosing between a “deadbeat or player.” While this has been occurring in the African American community for some time, the trend seems to be permeating into all ethnicities in the US.

Bolick describes the origins of this dating gap, the evolving conception of marriage, and the rise of being single, all the while seamlessly weaving in personal anecdotes, history, and research to support her argument.

Documents filed by the Department of Health say the therapist clearly violated the state law, passed by the Legislature in 2000.

La Rae Fjellman does not deny she violated the statute but said she didn't know it existed until the state came knocking.

This is an excellent primer to understanding attachment and offers useful strategies for self regulation when the attachment system is activated.

However, we caution against thinking too simplistically about attachment.

Taking us through her elaborate and incredibly well thought out strategy for marketing herself online to a targeted pool of men, she reinforces to the viewer the ultimate importance of developing ones own specific set of standards and sticking with your guns: no matter how many times your grandmother admonishes you for being “too picky.” In the end, she found her “jewish prince charming” and is now happily married with a young daughter.

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