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Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson has been speaking out about his decision to go back on the show. From ITV2's Who would fancy a big weekend away with this one?

From #ibizaweekender it’s @David Weekender 🙌🔥🎉 #dating #love #celebrity #Coming2019 pic.twitter.com/u TQVMYyh PJ— Celebs Go Dating (@Celebs Go Dating) November 23, 2018Our seventh celebrity for the class of 2019 @megan_mckenna_ 😍 if you missed our live announcement last night never fear, we caught our lovely lady just before she took to the red carpet to make her entrance 💁🏽‍♀️💫 pic.twitter.com/SNq4b2f B8F— Celebs Go Dating (@Celebs Go Dating) November 24, 2018 mixer.

What does she say about the show: “I’ve never done anything like this before.

If what I’ve been doing before hasn’t been working I may as well try something new!

Since having her my priorities have completely changed and of course you want to set the best example that you can.” . What does he say: “I’ve had a rough old run in the love stakes so I’m back to my spiritual home at the dating agency!

Things took a turn for the leftfield when she became a country singer in 2017, and went to Nashville to try and make the big time. What does she say about love: “I just feel like everything does happen for a reason” – she also dated Pete Wicks from , sowing his wild oats, then dating Megan Mc Kenna for a while, before things got shouty with her because of his womanising ways and they split. It’s about time I got lucky in love, so let’s see if this time round I can find that special someone! Had fleeting romances with both Lauras on last year’s show, he ended up being booted off with no love to call his own.Despite all the other changes going on, he'll be back in 2019 to keep things ticking over.We have finally been given our first look at the brand new series, featuring our 2019 celebrities.I do really want it to go far, I do.” and now she’s ready for a starring role in her own love story. Mainly because I’m a bit of knob.” , who seems to have based his character on Spencer Matthews.What does she say about love: She’s not had time as she’s a single mum of one – “All I want to do is be the best mum that I can be to Coco. Cheats on girls, then gets his sister, Louise, to be bitchy when they subsequently dump him.It can feel a bit bittersweet to get the job or be the new person in a role that I really liked as a viewer."I just hope [the viewers] will come on board and see that I am going to do things slightly differently. I'm all about moving forward, not back." One of the show's former dating experts, Eden and Nadia worked alongside each other from series one through to series four until the former decided to quit.

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