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“When I looked at it, I thought, ‘Wow, this is fantastic,’” Becker says of the space.

“I love to cook and it’s a great apartment to entertain in.

“I lived in a house my family had owned for about 60 years,” he says.

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I’m up to number six; I’ve got three to go.” Becker’s artfully curated collection is full of such treasures.

Housed in the light and airy two-bedroom apartment he rents in inner Sydney, it spans eras and design movements as aesthetically diverse as 17th-century France, 19th-century Japan and 1930s Hollywood.

“From what I’ve read, Thorvaldsen’s the only man who had a museum erected to him in his living life,” says Becker.

“He did a deal with the Danish government in the 1830s: he was in Italy creating beautiful marble sculptures and the Danes wanted him to come back.” In the dining area, in a carved oak Breton marriage cabinet dating to the 1860s, Becker has paired more of Thorvaldsen’s work with pottery designed for Wedgwood by New Zealand-born architect and industrial designer Keith Murray.

A Mark Rothko-esque painting by 87-year-old Indigenous artist Kudditji Kngwarreye hangs in the bedroom.

It is joined by a religious piece from 17th-century France that Becker found at The Country Trader in Sydney.

“It would have come out of a church and been hung behind either Jesus or an angel,” he says of the timber-and- stone representation of Heaven and the Holy Spirit.

Polyhymnia and Terpsichore sit opposite, in quiet contemplation.

“There isn’t the technique, the skill or the time anymore.” His apartment sits on the top floor of a modernised 1850s sandstone building in Potts Point, just east of central Sydney.

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