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We admire her positive outlook, as she adds, ' It's all been alright, I'm here.' 🙌 Qs SAZUVNx Corrie star, @shayne Tward is about to swap the small screen for the big stage, taking part in The Stepback! He was telling us all about it, before this happened...😂 Gyb MEH ‘I remember vividly when you came and you just got it from day one…

carol mcgiffin dating-62 Lf GJi Vu As we get ready to celebrate 20 years of Loose Women, we're taking a look back at some classic moments.

Like, when we met Ruth's son, Jack for the very first time!

We all went to see Lynda Bellingham who was a cast member and a friend.

But a friend first and foremost.“But we knew we were saying goodbye to her that day. F4NJKI To mark Loose Women's 20th anniversary, we're looking back at ' Life Before Loose' with our legendary panelists. #Loose Women20 | @janem Most parents are eternally grateful to have their kids.

But with research showing that unmarried women with no children are the healthiest and happiest, is it ever OK to admit that you miss your child-free days?

❤️ JSmnm Mc9 ' As a parent, you just get into a routine, so it's great to have a proper night out.' ' I absolutely appreciate my kid.

But there's a time in everybody's life when you just need to do something for yourself.' @Iam Saira Khan on whether it's ok to miss your 'child-free' days. Imagine the scenario - you meet your son or daughter's new partner for the first time, and feel completely unimpressed.

You try your best to get along, but you're just not a fan.

She reveals this in conversation with Kate Thornton, as part of the podcast ‘White Wine Question Time’, produced by Kate Thornton in association with Yahoo.

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