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In these cases some educated guessing is needed to accurately date a phonograph.

This is only the case for external horn Victors..for Victrolas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The presence of decals, metal tags, etc.

with a dealer logo (e.g "Wurlitzer", "Hudson's", "Lyon and Healy", etc) are simply advertising applied by the selling dealer, and do NOT signify that the Victor product was made by these sellers.

Using this information, the hobbyist can proceed to the next page (linked below) to determine specific details.

In some cases, the dataplate may have corroded over the years, and the small stamped serial numbers may be nearly impossible to read.

Before the age, history and value of a Victor product can be determined, the phonograph must be correctly identified.

Fortunately for collectors, the process of identifying a Victor phonograph is not difficult.The Victor Talking Machine Company did an excellent job of providing model identification, along with a unique serial number for most models, which makes dating their phonographs a relatively easy task in most cases.Every Victor phonograph has a metal dataplate affixed either on or near the motorboard (for machines with lids), on the side of the phonograph (for most external horn and lidless models), or under the turntable (for low-priced and some portable models of the 20's).Each Type" indicates a small iterative design change to the model.Although the serial numbers are small and hard to read on this photograph, the "A" suffix (indicated by the arrow) is visible to the far right of the serial number (12698).The "A" suffix neither adds nor detracts from value or rarity, as it simply indicates a small design change.

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