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Tell your teenager that domestic violence is never acceptable and that they must always report it.

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“His finger was on the trigger, and I didn’t know if it was loaded or not,” she said. But after that, I was just so scared that when he said things like ‘If you leave, I’ll kill you and your whole family,’ I thought he was capable of that.

So I just didn’t leave anymore.” Segovia finally did leave her abusive partner when he hit her in front of their child, but a lack of resources for teenage survivors meant that she did not get the assistance she needed.

there need to be safe houses for teenagers who are scared and whose families have been threatened, so they don’t have to run away,” she said.

“Their mom and dad can then know that they’re safe …

She also encourages them to express their feelings. “And they’re allowed to come talk to me about their emotions.” Teach teenagers to break the “girl/boy code” A teenage girl might not feel comfortable telling an adult that her friend is being abused because she doesn’t want to betray her trust.

A teenage boy might think that it’s none of his business if he sees a male friend talk disrespectfully to his girlfriend or hit her.

They can also use smartphones to send threatening text messages or find out their location.

EDUCATING TEENAGERS ABOUT TEEN DATING VIOLENCE Model healthy relationships for teenagers Many teenagers, especially young women, grow up with an unrealistic view of romance and relationships because they only know what they’ve seen in movies or on TV.

You should immediately alert a parent or teacher, but if you’re not ready for that step, there are numerous online resources that can teach you how to protect yourself and get to safety. ” She is even able to communicate with her former abuser for the sake of their shared son without letting it affect her.

Segovia said it’s important not to give up hope that they will heal or find a healthy relationship. “My fiancé asks me how I can just smile and have conversations with him,” she said.

But 32-year-old Segovia hasn’t always been in such a loving relationship.

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