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At 4.30am arsonists threw incendiary devices into the home of a Roman Catholic woman living on a loyalist estate in Ballymoney. Chrissie Quinn and her Protestant partner escaped but the three brothers Rich¬ ard. the sound of the children screaming and ran to their bedroom. He begged the pro¬ testers to “back off", saying that “after last night's attack a.But I couldn't find my way through the smoke and flames. 15-minute walk down Garv¬ aghy Road by the Orange Order would be a very hollow victory because it would be in the shadow of the coffins of three little boys".

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In Paris, the Champs Elysees and the Left Bank became gridlocked with vehicles as a mass parly began. Jacques Chirac, the French president, waved a French shirt in his delight as the team made up of blacks, whites and players of north African origin won the 32-nation tournament, which was invented by a Frenchman. France's determination to ’ win was demonstrated before the kick-off last night.

As the Marseillaise was sung, the players wrapped their arms round each other in a demon¬ stration of their collective spir¬ it The French were roared on by supporters, waving ban¬ ners emblazoned with the words Mem Aime Jacquet, a reference to the French coach. referring to the black defender Lilian Thuram, whose two goals against Croatia had taken France into the final.

The heat was just so bad that we had to jump out through a window. “On Saturday night my boys were at the loyalist I2th bonfire They had a great time." She told relatives:“If this was done because of religion, the whole world has gone mad. Mr Bingham was one of the representatives at the proximity talks. Primate of the Protestant Church of Ireland, implored the Orangemen: “In God's name pull back.

I knew that things were bad bur I never thought that anyone could sink as low.” A White House spokesman ■ • ; • .. We are on the verge of disaster." Mo Mowlam, tire Northern Ire- France erupts in jubilation as Brazil are beaten 3—0 By John Goodbody and Ben Macintyre Nuclear alert President Yeltsin activated his “nuclear briefcase" for a retal¬ iatory attack in 1995 when Russian early warning sta¬ tions picked up what they thought was an approaching American missile — Page 10 FRANCE upset Brazil, the holders and firm favourites.

Paul Hannon, 44, vanished while be was carry- i ing a large bundle of banknotes-Page 7 fast's Lower Ormeau Road announced that as a mark of respect they would make no attempt to block a highly- contentious Orange Order pa¬ rade past their homes. 7, were trapped Their elder brother Lee was staying with grandparents. r* -J 4-V’’ -*M The boys who died in the arson attack: (from left) Jason, 7, Mark. Behind them is their elder brother, Lee, who was staying with their grandparents said: The President was deep¬ ly saddened by the deaths of three innocent children in a sectarian attack.” Seamus Mahan, Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minis¬ ter and leading nationalist, Mr Trimble deplored an “ap¬ palling act of barbarity” that “could and should have been prevented" and appealed to the Drumcree Orangemen to “immediately end their protest and return to their homes".

Nationalist residents in Ready, Co Armagh, made a similiar announcement The murders came just hours after the failure of last- ditch “proximity talks” be¬ tween the Orangemen and leaders of the Garvaghy Road's nationalist residents. Their mother, Chrissie Quinn, said lost night “I was woken by . Mr Trimble, Portadown’s MP and an Orangeman himself, said the only way Orangemen could dissociate themselves from die murders and the murderers was to “come down off that hill". Mr Bingham said he wept when he heard of the murders.

3-0 in Paris last night to win the 16th World Cup with a multi-ethnic team which has consolidated the new identity of the French nation.

To the amazement of 1.7 billion television viewers around the globe and 80.000 spectators, the French defeat¬ ed the Brazilians, led by Ronaldo, the most expensive player in football history, to take the title for the first time.

France were on top through¬ out the first half but. Brazil tried desper¬ ately to retain the title- France played much of the second half with ten men after Marcel Desai Uy was sent off.

Both first-half goals were scored with headers from cor¬ ners by Zinedine Zidane who now plays for Juventus of Turin.

replied: “It will continue indefinitely, yes.” David Trimble.

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