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The municipal government responded by closing all brothels within 1,600 feet of schools, but took no action against those who had attacked the prostitutes.

"We are Bolivia's unloved," said Yuly Perez, vice-president of ONAEM, the Bolivian sex workers' union, "If we don't work, who's going to feed our kids?

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Prostitutes must register and must undergo regular health checks for sexually transmitted diseases (every 20 days).

The police are allowed to check whether the prostitutes are registered or not, and have attended a clinic during the previous 20 days.

" Another representative from the sex worker organization said that: "People think the point of our organization is to expand prostitution in Bolivia. Our ideal world is one free of the economic desperation that forces women into this business." Most children forced into prostitution come from the lower social classes and from broken families.

Only 12.6% of these children have any education, leaving them with few opportunities.

Faced with extreme poverty, many citizens become economic migrants, and some are victimized by traffickers and forced into prostitution, both inside and outside Bolivia.

The country is also a source for victims trafficked for sexual exploitation to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, and the United States.

The problem of child prostitution is exacerbated by poorly enforced laws and by rare and ineffective police raids.

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