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One settler noted that “the shortage of water had caused a short crop of every farm crop except Debts and Expenses,” according to a 1976 report in Idaho Yesterdays.As a result, the newly-arrived farmers were in serious revolt by 1914.Haines presided over a flurry of progressive legislation in the 1913 legislative session, including enactment of Idaho’s workmen’s compensation act and the creation of Idaho’s Public Utilities Commission and the State Board of Education, among other progressive measures.

On October 22, Allen was indicted by a grand jury, pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was sentenced to the penitentiary for a term of five to 10 years (his deputy was later sentenced to prison as well).

The total amount of state funds missing was $93,112.

The same four parties had candidates for governor in Idaho in 1912.

Haines won in 1912 by a narrow margin over the incumbent governor, Democrat James Hawley.

S., he established a reputation for clean government and, in the words of historian David Lester Crowder, “Moses Alexander…

moved Boise into the Progressive Era.” Alexander was an active Democrat in state politics. Senator from Idaho), and a somewhat more conservative faction led by prominent Boise attorney James H. Alexander strongly opposed Dubois’ anti-Mormon policies and was actively aligned with the Nugent progressive faction.

When he was 18, he moved to Chillicothe, Missouri, to work in his cousin’s store.

He quickly demonstrated a talent for merchandising.

In 1891, he moved to Boise, where he bought a former saloon at the corner of 9th and Main, converted it into a men’s clothing store and later constructed a new building on the same corner (it’s still there – the Alexander Building, currently serving as a Zions Bank location).

and State Streets in 1896 (later moved to its present location beside the Morris Hill Cemetery).

In 1908, Idaho Democrats nominated Alexander as candidate for governor of Idaho. Brady, 47,864 to 40,145 (a Socialist Party candidate received 6,105 votes), but carried several Idaho counties, including Ada, Blaine, Boise, Custer, Elmore, Latah and Owyhee Counties.

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