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Seven years later, we count our anniversary as the day we met.From the outside it looked like the contradictions between us would make our relationship a quick fling at best. When people asked what the f*ck was going on, I simply said, “We’re happy.” My simple answer worked for a while.Grindr, the popular location-based gay dating app, has launched a new version for straight people, called Blendr.

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These were relatively safe, socially acceptable boxes with which one could identify in my progressive California life. We were considered confused at best, and deviant at worst.

I’d hear over and over that bisexuality isn’t really a thing—it’s either a stop on the way to gay town, or I was just a threesome-loving slut.

After almost three years of single fun, I was ready for a partner again. I had a lot of fun, I kissed a lot of girls, and I liked it. Then one day, the love of my life and my future spouse literally walked through my front door.

I was in college living in a house where the front door was always open and friends dropped by unannounced.

These were pre-i Phone days, so my best friend was stopping by to use my Internet to get directions to a party. Amy, meet my heterosexual life partner, Devon.” His introduction lives on in infamy.

And he brought his best friend from high school with him. In two sentences he let us each know how significant the other was in his life, and let Devon know I was only interested in friendship. We determined it was indeed our first meeting and decided it was just because we were both so close to our mutual friend.

Fortunately, figuring out how to have the same equality in our opposite-sex union has been one of the fun challenges.

The biggest struggle I’ve had, and continue to have, is deciding how to be “out” on a day-to-day basis.

Figuring out how to be bisexual in a monogamous opposite-sex relationship has been an uphill climb.

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