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I never really considered the extent of it despite having done some research. ' was the first thing that came to mind when I first landed. On the first day of my arrival in the country the intense culture shock was like a slap in the face. Everything was written in Korean and at the time I couldn’t read the language.

Compared to South Africa, South Korea is such a homogenous country – when I arrived it seemed like everything looked and felt the same. READ MORE: Five hacks for owning solo travel in 2018It's been a year now and I may have supportive people in my corner but I am still struggling to order things online, or to order food at restaurants because well, no one really speaks English here - it's not that I expect them to - but it does make things tricky.

She was teaching English in one of the local schools and encouraged me to try it out for myself.

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My Youtube channel is also a way for me to cope with my anxiety.

Living in a country where mental issues are not taken seriously, I had to find ways to cope and I thought Youtube would be the best medium for me since I am a creative at heart it was a perfect fit.

That is like jumping in a pool of water with full knowledge that you cannot swim.

Watch: SNEAK PEAK - Black Girl in South Korea - my awesome and not so awesome adventures.

Getting on a bus to work was like an extreme sport.

My awesome support system is made up of the other foreign teachers, my school and my recruiter but there have been times I have longed for home especially in the beginning. Luckily after the first month I returned to South Africa for two months because it was vacation at work.

I had graduated to become a broadcast journalist but jobs in that industry were hard to find.

I had to settle for writing - which I didn't enjoy at all.

Travelling has truly humbled me and showed me how small I actually am in the world.

READ MORE: I did 3 new things this holiday that cost almost nothing – and it filled me with absolute joy I hope my channel will inspire people to travel and to look beyond their immediate career and do something they never thought they'd ever do.

My journey to South Korea came about when I started being dissatisfied at work.

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