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The post has been deleted, but there was a lot of reactions including on from a guy who says he plays for the Dolphins who goes by Maserati Rick.The problem is no one from the Dolphins that I have asked knows who he is, so either he is a practice squad guy or he is just catfishing and doesn’t play in the league at all.

He is advocating for a portion of athletics money be funneled instead toward admissions offices, which could use the funding to more aggressively entice black male high school students who wouldn’t be attending college for sports.

“Some would likely argue that affirmative action policies might not permit such targeted recruitment of one specific racial group,” Harper writes in the report.

“Somehow, there is considerably less institutional anxiety about potential affirmative action backlash when coaches do all that is necessary to recruit Black men for participation on revenue-generating sports teams.” The report also shows that only about 12 percent of the head coaches for men’s basketball are black, as are 15 percent of athletics directors. Harper advocates in the report for new commissions at multiple levels: institutionally, among the conferences and the NCAA.

These panels would be charged with developing disaggregated data reports on athletes so college leaders could figure out how best to fix these disparities.

(Notably, Louisville’s men’s basketball team has spent several years in the harsh light of scrutiny -- the powerful head coach there, Rick Pitino, was fired last fall after two major scandals.) But Louisville boosted its graduation rates for black male athletes by 18 percentage points in two or so years, from 47 to 65 percent, which puts Louisville ninth highest in graduation rates among the 65 colleges and universities in the Power 5.

A Louisville representative did not provide comment in time for publication.

These are the colleges most in the sports spotlight that have, for decades, dominated football and men's basketball championships.

A little more than 55 percent of black male athletes at the Power 5 colleges graduated within six years, versus 60 percent of black men in the overall undergraduate population and about 76 percent of all undergraduates.

If he is in the league or played in the league it was at the lowest of levels.

He deleted his Instagram account before I can ask him which one it was.

Whatever the case he replied to Antonio Trail’s post by saying black women are uncoachable and aren’t submissive enough for his liking.

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