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I do hope that whatever male (or “male”) creature was responsible for its deletion was soundly thrashed.Even if BB was nowhere near your computer at the time, his sin of omission in failing to prevent you from deleting it was surely a grave one. Your latest post made me think, as so many of them do.

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Without hope, I believe, I would have a shambling zombie of a servant to abuse – shambling from chore to punishment and back again in a constant state of degradation and defeat.

With it, I have a human being: beaten and subjugated, to be sure, not much of a human being, but as there is always that glimmer of spirit, there is a spark of humanity there.

A human being longing and praying that things might turn out not to be as bad as his fears…

and vulnerable to the misery when those fears are realised.

His heart may leap when I enter the room, only to fall into despair when I pick up some item or other and leave him to his fate.

He knows in his heart of hearts that this is the most likely outcome.

I myself occasionally take pity on my little skivvy and I show him the true quality of my mercy, with an act of kindness.

On my way up to bed, I might, for example, pop into the study where he is hunched over his desk, writing lines in a task that he knows will keep him up until 3am at the earliest (with chores to do from 5.30 the next day, as every other).

I do note that in order to succeed Lady Jessica’s technique requires a continuing regime of very harsh endurances for her skivvy , but there is nothing wrong with that!

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