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The image depicts him opening up his suit to review a big purple “Bi” shirt, à la Superman.

“I’ve always had something written about my sexuality as a filter,” Michael says.

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Men who didn’t explicitly write “bi” on their profile, but would happily say something the moment they saw I proudly displayed my sexuality.

Except for my current boyfriend, who identifies as gay, every person I’ve dated seriously has identified as bisexual or queer. When you have shared experiences with discrimination, it’s easier to date. Michael, 42, who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, has a boldy bisexual Tinder profile picture.

“I figure it’s important to list big, fat deal-breakers upfront, like being He credits this transparency for his positive experience.

“I often attract people who are relieved someone is being open about being bi,” he says.

“The few women that do [Like me] are generally more open-minded or even consider themselves on the queer spectrum,” he says.

“The ratio of queer to straight women I’ve dated is drastic.” I also found myself meeting more bi men.

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Gay men, while typically responding more positively than straight women, simply pretended I was gay.

They’d ignore the fact I was bisexual, only to get uncomfortable when I brought up an ex-girlfriend.

Like many other gay adolescents, he uses mobile apps to meet up for dates. “I don’t like to have sex at the first meeting, I prefer to chat and get to know the person first.

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