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If Samson and Delilah are still kicking and alive, they would probably be traveling and dating, sauntering beautiful spots to savor romantic moments. But in the old days (technically not a long time ago), dating was about sipping warm coffee, the share of laughter, an outburst of corny jokes, and exchange of confessions.

In our modern day, dating means promenading on parks, munching at fast foods, and expression of love through digital stickers and emojis.

Yep, for sweethearts who crave for aromatic coffee and delicate nibbles in a luscious garden, visit Green Coffee. You must try the Davao is sprouted with several good kinds of stuff – and I mean, coffee shops and cozy bistros.

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You can go with tour group, which transports you via an exhilarating speedboat ride from the mainland. These tours include a visit to the Lubi (coconut) plantation, some incredible food, coffee and desert.

And you will of course have time to frolic on the beach as well.

As Davao isn’t the #1 rated tourist spot in the Philippines, you won’t bump into as many resorts, western restaurants, or high-priced tours, but what you will get is real Filipino food, experiences, prices, and interactions.

Go to a museum and learn about the city’s cultural heritage, walk down a market to taste dishes from family recipes, or walk through acres of wildlife sanctuaries to create lifelong memories.

You’ll enter China town under a traditional bright red Chinese archway with a shingled roof and be transported to a different universe- or at least it feels that way.

Visit the Long Hua Temple that is home to Kung Fu monks or the Mindanao Taoist Temple with beautiful Chinese architecture.

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There is something in Davao city that you won’t experience often in other areas of the Philippines, and that is a local experience.

If you’d like a more carefree day, hire a private boat from Davao and have them take you on a 1-2 hour tour where you can come ashore and explore the white sand beaches lined with overhanging coconut trees.

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