Best book about dating

If you’re a single woman who’s struggling to reach your goals and meet the man of your dreams, or even if you just want a good laugh, the hilarious Bridget Jones might just be the one for you.

‘s advice column, Dear Sugar, for two years, and this book is a collection of her most popular pieces.

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Best book about dating

Even if you’re dead-set on dating, this is a pretty great read if you want to feel empowered and emboldened to ensure that you’ll never settle for less than you deserve — because if being in a relationship doesn’t make you happier than what you could be while single, why bother?

In some ways, dating is a game, and it’s good to know the rules before you start playing it.

Let’s be honest here: modern relationships don’t all look the same.

What works for one couple might not work for another, and what works for your friends might not necessarily work for you.

Luckily, Jenna Birch knows exactly what to do, and she has tons of research to back it up.

Birch dissects why smart, successful women who are succeeding in work seem to be failing in love and manages to pin down some of those annoying dating patterns you’ve noticed with men over the past few years, including ghosting and an unwillingness to commit.If you’ve ever struggled with dating (or, at the very least, had plenty of mishaps of your own), Heaney’s laugh-out-loud book might just be the one for you.As a twenty-something who has never fallen in love or had a real boyfriend, she writes about unrequited crushes, the (very real) struggle of connecting with potential partners, and the pervasive feeling of being the lone wolf when all your friends seem to be paired off.But after a whirlwind love story that included an engagement, a pregnancy, and maybe even a threat or two from a possible Serbian mafia leader, Brittani slowly began to realize that the man she fell head over heels for wasn’t what he seemed.Her story of love, loss, and survival is both mind-blowing and eye-opening and is a definitely must-read if you’re thinking about jumping back into modern dating anytime soon.You know what that means: there’s going to be a lot of insights, a lot of self-reflection, and a lot of hit-you-in-the-heart moments.

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