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He appeared as a fictional version of himself in the 2015 film We Are Your Friends.

Shame to waste such a healthy looking specimen I thought, and it didn’t fail to dissapoint in the leaf responded really well to the stencil and is, to date, the fasted A-Type I have made.

This stuff is too good to have disrespectfully destroyed by men with pesticides and combustion.

I've been checking fragrances on the website Check Fresh, but I don't know how accurate the results are - eg, for one perfume my box says Scannon, (which I assumed to be an earlier manufacture), but when I type the name of the perfume in the website only lists Procter & Gamble and when I type in the 4 digit code number the result says 2010, but the website also says the codes are repeated every 10 could be either 2000 or 2010.

I often check bottles of known purchase date, and these sites are very accurate for those cases.

However, some codes have changed, and they can't deal with the old codes. Even for fragrances 8-10 years old, where codes are the same as now, the dates are off by one repetition many times, and unless you know roughly how old the bottle is, a recent vintage may be called fresh.One thing though, the residual juices that are yet to evaporate in this A-Type have an almost ammonia-like pungency.Today, I’m going to fell more specimens -considered a poisonous weed here in Japan and destroyed if found in popualted areas – for a liquid infusion for an intended run of paper A-Types.Japanese Nori production is a manufacturing process very close to Japanese washi papermaking.The leaf texture is incredibly thin and smooth yet strong like human skin.It took only 7 days of daylight to bake and after the plate was lifted the only discernable result came the from the agave.

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