Bad girl dating style quiz is courting and dating the same

So, the million dollar question, what is your preferred chest size?

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Maybe your dream girl is someone you've already run into before, and you can describe her appearance by listing her facial features, beautiful hair, and body type.

The person you see as your result won't be your future girlfriend, but she may look similar to her.

Would your girlfriend have a toned body if you could choose?

After dating for a while, you'll probably realize that one's looks are far less important than the person she is.

Most people are more compatible with certain body types. Thin lips and thick, luscious lips are both attractive in their way.

By choosing you girlfriends lip preference, you will find out what she'll end up looking like.

Maybe you like someone who has a west coast beach style, or a rebellious '80s rock look. Who doesn't like a girl who dedicates herself to her appearance by exercising regularly, possibly at the gym?

She must care about her image or health if she is physically fit.

Which eye color do you want to gaze at while you're in a relationship?

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