Backdating a project

The rules setting the date on which a claim is made are as follows (other than for advance claims): Claims in writing should be sent to an 'appropriate office' (which generally means an office of the DWP).

However, claims can also be sent to the offices of a local authority administering housing benefit or council tax benefit 11where the DWP has made arrangements with them to receive ESA claims.

He is informed that his claim form was not properly completed. Steve should be awarded ESA from 3 February 2009, because: Please be aware that welfare rights law and guidance change frequently.

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Instead, you can do it for them right away and have accurate report ready at anytime you need.

Wasting time on constantly setting up identical projects?

However, he neglects to fill in some of the boxes about his savings.

He has still heard nothing by 7 August, so he calls the DWP.

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To activate the free trial, check the FAQ section on the Upgrade page. Also, your team will no longer be able to add backdated time entries.

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The claimant will not need to sign a copy of the information given in the call unless the decision maker has directed this in her/his particular case.

If such a direction is made then the claim will not be valid unless the claimant approves the written statement of her/his circumstances DWP sends to her/him.

You can also hide the Projects and Reports so it's easier for people to just track time. Set up time targets for your team that they need to fulfill every day or week (eg. Once someone falls behind, they'll get an automatic reminder via email to log the missing time.

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