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Amazing talent, awesome production, revolutionary promotions. With separate board ops for the jocks and the newsroom, intro times to the quarter second, including commercials, no station was ever tighter. Marc took “The Outrageous FM” to a 17 share, 500,000 cume in a market of less than a million at the time.

Conduits or Bioterrorists are a sub-species of humans who possess superhuman abilities afforded to them by the "Conduit Gene".

These type of civilians can harness superpowers from their "Conduit Gene" that enhances their genes to unlock special powers that vary from the individuals.

Radio Ink also held a three-week online poll and asked you which you believe are the best Top 40 stations of all time. Many of the most spectacular Top 40 stations weren’t around that long. Getting it down to 20 was tough, unfair, and subjective. But the signal was awful, the staff was expensive, and 15Q failed quickly. But KBOX was pretty amazing for having only 500 watts at night at 1480. This station has a major-market sound in a small market. Gordon Mc Lendon considered Dave Morris his toughest competitor.

Many stations that are just average have lasted a long time. It was worth driving 500 miles each way to hear live. John Box gave Gordon Mc Lendon fits and forced KLIF to be even better. WVAQ is a multiple Marconi Award winner for good reason: It sounds great.

In the mid-’70s, Knoxville had a three-way AM Top 40 battle between WKGN, WNOX, and WRJZ going, while WOKI was playing the hits, sort of, on FM. WABC “won” by dominating the areas WMCA didn’t reach, and by raiding WMCA for talent and ideas.

KBOX gave us Dan Ingram, Bill Ward, and many others. And that news intro: With Morse code beeping in the background and plenty of slapback echo, the news opened with “From around the universe, around the world, around the nation, around Texas, around Dallas, and , this is K-B-O-X news.” 17. Longtime morning man Lacy Neff passing was big news last June.

Conduits can be present in both humans and animals, and their abilities can range from manipulation of certain forms of energy or matter to flight, enhanced senses, and strength, or other physical and mental enhancements.

Normal humans, either out of fear, jealousy, or prejudice often detest and reject Conduits, calling them "freaks", "deviants", or "bioterrorists" and, on many accounts, physically abusing them or those suspected to be one.

WLS was vanilla in most respects, but it was consistently excellent. Top talent, memorable promotions, attention-getting advertising, over-the-top production, and a relentless focus on the listener, not the advertiser, made the Mc Lendon stations ratings juggernauts. The Mc Lendon format memos remain some of the best how-to handbooks for radio. Few stations have been able to achieve consistent success in ratings, and the conversion of ratings to revenue and cash flow, like KIIS.

But it’s been copied around the world just because it’s KIIS/Los Angeles.

There are many ways one's conduit abilities can be activated, these methods being: The Ray Sphere was a device used by transferring the neuro-electric energy from a group of people to concentrate it into a human individual to unlock his/her powers.

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