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I dont think this violates any forum rules from what I saw, but I'm sorry if it does.

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I feel like itd be easier if I did get a couple sores so I would at least definitively know where and if I have the disease. but the other part of me would feel terrible for not disclosing. but I’m sad and I’m lonely and this stupid virus is this giant shadow looming over me that I can’t get away from. So, for what it's worth, you aren't alone either. I felt a bit better getting mine out too, even if it's only temporarily. Though I know the whole telling thing for oral hsv is a divisive topic.

I know I'm too old for this, early thirties, but I just feel so lost now. Eventually that person would find out and how would it look to start off a potentially good relationship with such a nasty lie.. Though I'm still alternating between anger and depression the last few days up to now. This is one of the reasons this is so frustrating to me.

My doctor said it wasnt important to tell people that I had it and says the test is more of an exposure thing, but after looking around online I feel like that isn't necessarily the consensus out there, and if I can pass it on, then I feel like it's my responsibility to disclose it.

I finally started dating again and just cant do it.

But now several sites, such as Positive Singles, H-date (for people with herpes) and MPw (Meet People With Herpes), specifically target those …

Free Bronx Dating Sites Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark called the case "a warning to use caution on dating websites, where people may not be what they seem." State Sen.

Global Times criticised the site, which promotes compensated 12 dating sites for weirdly specific tastes – There’s a dating

a site geared toward those living with sexually transmitted illnesses.

This hit me really fucking hard because of how much I liked her.

I'm at the point where I just want to go get drunk and forget all this shit.

The last girl I dated, I really liked, and we were a great match.

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