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But here she silences doubters, single-handedly elevating what would otherwise be a dutiful, sometimes plodding biopic.The story, co-written by director Anne Fontaine, traces Coco’s life from childhood in an orphanage, includes her years as a struggling tavern singer and deals with her love affairs with rich suitors (Benoit Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola).But life doesn’t always go the way you want, so we have to take our lemons and make lemonade; in other words, do the damn best with what we have.

Still, this should not detract from the dark-eyed Tautou’s performance.

Her Coco is a boyish wisp of a creature, looking great in mannish clothes that contrasted shockingly with the big flowery hats and corseted finery of her age.

I feel guilty if I stay in bed past in the morning, because I could have done things with that time, and I genuinely enjoy the mornings (like now it is , I only got up 20 minutes ago after another fantastic dream involving Jessica Simpson being a house guest who instructed another house guest how to flush a toilet, and involving my hair becoming fluffy of its own accord and changing from blonde to brown at will).

I don’t understand people who have no apparent aspirations or drive, because ever since I was little I wanted to be a pop star, so I’ve always been singing and making music (though this is an ambition I don’t tend to reveal in public, so it’s possible that people think of me as a bit aimless – who knows); I also want to be a Youth Adviser for Connexions, which is the goal of my university course starting in September.

And hopefully I’ll be doing at least a couple of the things that I listed at the top, because right now that is what gives me the drive to keep going and move on past the thought of “just another day”.

Her ability to carry a movie, so evident in Amélie, has been open to question ever since.

It leaves her at the dawn of her stellar career, and is thus a highly selective account of her life.

Like the Edith Piaf biopic La Vie En Rose, the success of which surely helped the financing of Coco Before Chanel, it remains silent on its heroine’s amiable relations with the Third Reich.

Actually, I’m gonna take that last bit out of brackets: I think I do a good job with what I have.

I was talking to my friend Nick yesterday about life, and the fact that we are 24 (well, I am nearly) and not high-flying executives nor family men (ha!

) or at least newspaper columns, and I also want to do something with perfume or clothes (that’s the fashionista in me – btw.

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