Audrey kitching and ronnie radke dating

He grew up in poor family, with his father, older brother, and grandmother.Ronnie's mother beat him as a child and then left him, for unknown reasons.A related Instagram post of Sally also got issued with a warning message to reveal the bad attitude of Ronnie.

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He has dated altogether nine girls within twelve years of time.

He has one child with aspiring model Crissy Henderson but after the birth of child they called off the engagement. One of his girlfriend claimed that he is someone to be feared about.

The badass character rather was involved in various relations in the past.

Due to his addiction to drugs and violent character, he is completely single now. He was in relationships with Caroline Burt, Jenna King, Crissy Henderson, Sally Watts, Emily Radke, Audrey Kitching, Mandy Murders, and Lexus Amanda.

According to the Glendale News-Press, Sally Watts reported police about Ronnie's physical assault.

Consequently, he got arrested on Monday, August 6, 2012, but soon got released on ,000 bail bond.

He dropped out school and at the age of 15 he recorded the song 'Listen Up'.

He is against religion for what he feels it is the treatment of homosexual.

He was raised primarily by his father and grandmother because his mom left the family when he was young.

Ronald Joseph Radke He has often revealed in interviews that he is strictly against religion because of discriminatory treatment of homosexuals by various religions.

Ronald Joseph "Ronnie" Radke is a musician, songwriter and producer.

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