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This surgery reconstructs the female chest, creating masculine contours. 46xy/45x by Davetta Magness ARTS Making Faces MEDICINE . We had a memorial the Friday fol- lowing Rita and Julia's death in 7 Balboa Park, a place both ladies loved.It can make you feel more at ease in your newly chosen gender and makes men's clothing easier to wear. Reardon has been performing cosmetic surgery for 27 years and transgender chest reconstruction for 22 years. Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon 737 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10021 Telephone (212) 832-0770 Web: 1 Contents COVER .... by Kerry Lobel PAGE 9 Displaced Anger by Sarah Mc Naught PAGE 18 The Power of Language by Daviko Marcel PAGE 19 Remembering Our Dead by Gwendolyn Smith PAGE 33 Gender Unmasked by Holly Boswell PAGE 54 Crossdressing Religiously by Rachel Miller PAGE 68 Healing in Peace by Kimberly J. PAGE 74 Easter Attack by Peter Cassels PAGE 76 Reply to Autogynephilia Dr. There were friends of both Rita and Julia present for the ser- vice.

Sale price $ 322.25 So many customers usually order these three items together, that we decided to combine them as a kit and offer a discount. All of the above doesn't mean that Belgium and/or Western Europe is heaven on earth. The challenge is to go forward instead of backwards.

This set includes: • One pair of Ultra coverage pantyhose for leg hair coverage (you can choose black or nude - with nude you can wear any color pantyhose except nude over them, (reg price $14.95) • A Gaff - which is an undergarment specially made to hide the male genetalia and leave you with a realistically smooth crotch area (comes with instructions for use and care). Waist sizes: 26 - 40 (reg price $29.25) • Our Satin & lace Waist Slimmer - A very pretty yet sexy garment. You should order this 2-4 inches smaller than your waist size. The meaning of life for TSs and other TG persons, I think, is always to look forward and bring a positive contri- bution to life on this planet.

If you are from out of town, we will assist you with accommodations. Rita, as far as I knew her, was a warm and wonderful lady.

In the hands of a caring physician, who is sensitive to all gender transition issues, the result is a well-contoured, natural looking, masculine chest. She had two sons, whom she loved and adored, but she was separated from the boys' father.

It is made of smooth shiny satin, has boning, and is accentuated with lace. Waist sizes: 26 - 40 (reg price $34.95) Sold Separately, the cost is $ 78.20 (save Over $11.00) - Buy the three piece set (#KIT02) for only $66.95 KIT02 - Basic Starter Clothing Kit ORDER FORM: Order Here or at our Website: Style # Color Chest/Waist Size Price If paying by Mail use a Postal Money Order for Priority Delivery. And per- haps, one day, we can all live in a friendly and peaceful world.

All other Checks/money orders (except postal money orders) take 21 business days to clear Make Checks/ Money Orders payable to BEST VALUE PRODUCTS. So, actually, all that I want to say is: don't be afraid of coming to Belgium or its neighbors.0 744 70 74121 3 Disposable People Riki Anne Wilchons Remembering Our Dead • Making of Death • In memory of Stephen ^#Cr! Board Certified Teacher/Lecturer Electrologist ( 815 ) 469-0050 28 East Lincoln Highway (S. I told my new employer what I was going to do before I signed his contract. For sever- al years I worked on shipyards and in the factories, of the petrochemical I industry, with thousands of macho men.Religiously • Healing in Peace • Gens^e#^n« The Power of Language • 46xy/45x \ *i X I Rectitude i SDRESSING Focus: Hate Crimes 7 Take Advantage of the Semi-Annual Sale From ^ (Affordable Tanta&ie& Illusion & CHECK OUT THE SPECTACULAR SAVINGS BELOW ! Printed in Canada GENDER LOVING CARE *Cmi C«(«nn« Cr»a-VAtf A«r Cll’wr* RANDI ETTNER Suzanne Anderer, CPE Permanent Hair Removal A. He told me that it was not important as long as it did- n't interfere with the job. There has been only one inci- dent in this period; a Moslem !Visa/MC/Disc # Exp Date Name Address City State Zip Shipping costs: 0 add .00. Over 6 add .00 Tp83 Shipping Total Best Value Products • PO Box 156 • Dept TP • Wyncote • PA • 19095 215-782-9025 Fax:215-782-9180 E-mail: [email protected] of your transition from female to male? Best regards, Vervliet Jessica Lovely Rita, I just read Margaret Deidre O'Hartigan's irritated rebuttal to the article Gwen Smith wrote about the Julia Morgan / Rita Powers tragedy in San Diego.If you are under treatment with a therapist for your gender transition and are psychologically ready to make the permanent life change from female to male, Chest Reconstruction is an important part of your decision. I knew Julia personally and was beginning to get to know Rita Powers about the time the tragedy occurred. Because it is an undeniable American organization, the informa- tion in the magazine mostly repre- sents the States.

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