I gave 2 attempts and this coffee is the reason I go to your stores…longer.

To make it worse..yesterday I tried the Crispy Chicken with egg sandwich….a tasty sandwich it was…but your CRISPY CHICKEN was gooey and cold in hot egg sandwich. If the chicken had been crispy, it might have been excellent Reply I am horrified over my experience with the Einstein Brothers Bagels on SW College Street in Portland, OR.

Einstein Brothers Bagels is a chain of bagel and coffee shops, which offer a wide variety of bagels, generally from third party sources, as well as different types of coffees, flavored coffee, and coffee drinks.


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I called the main customer service number when my order was 5 minutes late.

The rep called the manager, Abby, and said that Abby texted the delivery person.

Yesterday when I went one more time Anne waited on me.

She was most rude and had a really attitude when I asked her why they never have them at lunch.

He wouldn’t give me his name because he said he didn’t work there. The elderly lady I was with purchased another empty cup for $2.39 plus tax. I have been to the Maitland Florida location 3 times to pick up chocolate chip bagels at about noon they are always out.

I did tell them I would be writing to you and they said, “Go ahead, he will agree with us.” If this is the way you are running your business, I will never go to another Einstein Bros. If you have an email address I would be happy to send you a copy of the picture I took of both Jessica and the guy with no name. I have to drive about 5 miles to the next store to get them..15 minutes later, I am still on the phone, and no phone call from the driver.My order is now 30 minutes late, and I am behind schedule.He was on the property, but in a different building.I said I would stay on the line until the delivery driver called me at the phone number I provided in the event that he got lost.Reply Your Mervyn’s coffee has gotten so WEAK at 2 locations..

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