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It's bad enough that there are defenders of nuclear, but Federal Reserve notes have been printed to pay scumbags to lie about it as well. Procédé selon la revendication 1, caractérisé en ce qu'on utilise un catalyseur au trioxyde de chrome à base d'une matière de support (1) que l'on obtient (1.1) en partant d'un hydrogel d'acide silicique qui contient de 10 à 25% en poids de matière solide (calculés en tant que dioxyde de silicium), est sphérique dans une large mesure, a un diamètre de particules dans la gamme de 1 à 8 mm et est obtenu (1.1.1) en introduisant, dans un courant en giration d'un acide minéral aqueux, longitudinalement et tangentiellement par rapport à ce courant, une solution de silicate de sodium ou de potassium, (1.1.2) en en forme de gouttes l'hydrosol d'acide silicique ainsi formé dans un milieu gazeux, (1.1.3) en laissant l'hydrosol pulvérisé se solidifier dans le milieu gazeux pour former un hydrogel et (1.1.4) en débarrassant des sels l'hydrogel de forme largement sphérique ainsi obtenu, par lavage sans vieillissement préalable, (1.2) en extrayant de l'hydrogel (1.1) au moins 60% de l'eau contenue dans l'hydrogel, au moyen d'un liquide organique de la série des alcanols en C₁ à C₄ et/ou des alcanones en C₃ à C₅, (1.3) en séchant le gel déshydraté et traité par le liquide organique ainsi obtenu, Jusqu'à ce qu'à 180°C sous un vide de 10 torr pendant 30 mn, il ne se produise plus de perte de poids (formation de xérogel) et (1.4) en réduisant le xérogel ainsi obtenu en éléments ayant le diamètre désiré.Enough plutonium blew at Fukushima to kill the planet…and it is. Right now I have 18 friends and family with cancer. This year I have seen 13 people in my circle of friends (including my online friends) who have died from cancer. 22, 34, 54, 12, 17, 45, 46, 65, 29, 23, 39, 41, 42…these are their ages at death from cancer!

One friend is in the US attending the memorial for an uncle that just died form cancer.

Everyone I know has a cancer story regarding someone close to them.

A real model for economic growth would incorporate health care and the industry as a negative cost. I am sick of being told that I have to deal with this because this is a democracy and there are some things that have to be repressed for the national good and all that other bull. I don't need some scum bag politician telling me that I don't have a right to know the truth. ) When Fukushima blew, the gray-yellow smoke was from plutonium.

The background radiation levels in the US today are 800 CPM right now on average. Obviously the EPA doesn't give a damn about the environment.

A process as claimed in claim 1, wherein a chromium trioxide catalyst is used which is based on a carrier (1) which is obtained by a method in which (1.1) a silica hydrogel containing from 10 to 25 % by weight of solid (calculated as silica) is used as a starting material, the said hydrogel being substantially spherical, having a particle diameter of from 1 to 8 mm, and being obtained by a method in which (1.1.1) a sodium or potassium waterglass solution is introduced into a stream of an aqueous mineral acid subjected to angular momentum, the introduction being carried out along or tangentially to the stream, (1.1.2) the resulting silica hydrosol is sprayed in the form of drops into a gaseous medium, (1.1.3) the sprayed hydrosol is allowed to solidify to the hydrogel in the gaseous medium, and (1.1.4) the resulting substantially spherical hydrogel is freed from salts by washing, without prior aging, (1.2) not less than 60% of the water present in the hydrogel is extracted from the hydrogel (1.1) by means of an organic liquid from the series consisting of the C₁-C₄-alkanols and/or C₃-C₅-alkanones, (1.3) the resulting dewatered gel treated with the organic liquid is dried until there is no longer any weight loss at 180°C under a reduced pressure of 10 mm Hg in the course of 30 minutes (xerogel formation) and (1.4) the xerogel thus obtained is converted to particles having the desired diameter.

sur des éléments en matière plastique une composition antistatique contenant du toluène-sulfonate de pipéridinium et du perfluoro-octyl-sulfonate de pipéridinium dis-sous dans un véhicule volatil qui peut contenir de l'alcool isopropylique, cette pulvérisation étant effectuée de façon à former sur la surface des éléments en matière plastique un revêtement compris entre 0,08 et 40 microgrammes par centimètre carré (entre 0,5 et 250 microgrammes par pouce carré), caractérisé an ce que la composition contient : 0,057 partie en poids de toluène-sulfonate de pipéridinium, 0,023 partie en poids de perfluoro-octyl-sulfonate de pipéridinium et 0,02 partie en poids de polyéthylneglycol 200, le véhicule volatil étant constitué de : 75 parties en poids de fréon et 25 parties en poids d'alcool éthylique ou d'alcool isopropylique, et en ce que les éléments en matière plastique sont des cassettes servant à loger une bande d'enregistrement magnétique.

Every dollar spent means you are using money just to get healthy so you can lead a healthy, productive life. Nuclear power plants on fault lines, flood zones, and tsunami-prone tidal waters. Nuclear power plants require more electricity to run than they produce. They must have a constant outside source of electricity for a hundred years after shutdown.

Bad health reflects negatively on the economy because it is a cost. There is no place in the world to store waste for a billion years. The "In God We Trust" motherfuckers who want to use their nuclear toys.

It is unacceptable to lie to the population about an extinction level event, This is far too important to ignore.

People in Canada and the US should not be out in the rain, they should not swim in the Pacific Ocean, they should not eat seafood.

They shouldn't smoke outdoor weed or anything not grown with a HEPA filter, as cannabis absorbs radiation faster than other plants.

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