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Then she says hes not AMERICAN, 6'2, green eyes that turn blue, Swedish, Firefighter, EMT, Doesnt like fame, Not known.

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ok iam confuse I thought the game was happily married i swear i saw him on an interview talking about he is retired & spending some time with the wife in kids(smh) I mean yesterday it was Ashanti i heard might be messing with the game.

Anywhoo & tila is just crazy & why do these men still sleep with her.

But this time...she's hinting extra hard that Game the rapper knocked her up. So the chances of the girl who cried wolf to be telling the truth are slim to none. saying that she got Game that she mentioned him, she made him famous..that's the same ish she pulled when she was talking mess about Rihanna, saying that she gave Rhianna press..

She revealed weeks ago that she's pregnant (and we still don't believe her really). Oddly enough, Game put out a random tweet last night as well referring to 2Pac's song "To My Unborn Baby". *UPDATE* Just like we predicted, ish was just foolery and Tila is a liar. Bitch The Game is famous for being a great rapper, wtf are you famous for?

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THEN she changed that he was a VERY VERY famous rapper, "gangsta rapper" Saying we probaly bought his CD, and hes going to be at the grammys.

THEN she plays a guessing game,"guess who the daddy is" and starts tweeting THE GAME randomly, while he doesnt reply, making it obvious she wants people to speculate its THE GAME.

One minute someone suposedly beat her up, I wouldnt doubt NOW THAT SHE BRUSIED HER OWN ARMS, LOL.saying she was being a surrogate for her brother, yet shes still partying and drinking out in the clubs, and having sex w/ random people and OH YEA HER "FIANCE" because shes "GAY" and then God Bless her soul, her fiancee dies...2 seconds later shes crying fake tears, but at the same time giving the paparazzi a photoshoot outside her house, and NOW SAYING GAME IS HER BABYS DAD..someone who is clearly emberassed by her, smh! WORSE THAN THE catty highschool chix back in the day! posted by Sweet to the Core Fri, January 29, 2010 PM Who in their right mind would want to parent a child with crazy azz Tila? Oh, I guess that would make you so not in your right mind!!! 1) The Game isn't following Tila - yet I checked his follow list and she ain't on it. Didnt she hint that Ray J was her baby daddy a few months back?! Shes already pregnant when her "fiance" just died like 3 weeks ago..bitch PLEASE go sit down somewhere n go the hell a nobody never will be either...#Fu#KTILA really? is this only knews cause a black dude could be the father and that is y it made YBF? @ jordana..while i was reading the post i was thinking the same thing.

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