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Aim instead for excellence so that no other organization would even dare compete. I see this as a reminder to business to get your housekeeping in order, be efficient and lean cost-wise.

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6) Serious ground; where much effort was required to secure this territory and you are in a precarious position.

It may be hard to exit and hard to move forward – A “ Winning Hearts and Minds ” policy is required here.

In Business terms I interpret this as consolidating resources, being cost conscious and keeping your productivity high, maintaining and pushing for higher targets.

8) Hemmed-in ground; where it is difficult to extricate oneself from this situation – Resort to Deception, Intrigue and Stratagem.

Do not antagonize any stakeholders and do your best to sustain all of your business relationships at their optimum levels.

7) Difficult ground or difficult conditions in which to operate – keep going and don’t stop until you are in a safer position.

One of the most succinct quotes from this treatise says: The next segment focuses on the importance of decisive behavior, correct timing and economy in your actions.

Before embarking in any ventures, we can minimize challenges, conflict and ensuing costs by: In other words, avoid competing for head on and avoid using up resources directly against competitors. This phase of his treatise emphasizes defensive behavior; securing and consolidating the resources you have and using them effectively as a solid base for exploiting new opportunities when they occur.

2) On Entering New territory; keep pushing aggressively early in the campaign as long as nothing gets in the way, and as long as you have a clear easy exit strategy.

You aren’t too heavily invested at this stage and can turn back if needs be.

In business terms, I interpret his advice as follows: There will be times when we will still have to meet difficult challenges head on and may not circumvent them.

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