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Essential for the port Methanol is an important raw material with multiple uses in the chemical industry, and also has many applications outside of it.

"This investment is further confirmation of our port's ability to attract major investors.

It will also boost our position as one of the largest chemical clusters in the world.

Mol Chemical Tankers and SEA-Invest team up to build tank storage farm The Japanese group MOL Chemical Tankers is coming to the port of Antwerp.

Together with the port group SEA-Invest it is to invest some 300 to 400 million euros in construction of a tank storage terminal for liquid chemicals.

Our role as Port Authority is to bring people from different sectors together, in order to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Today marks yet another step in the right direction.""Innovation is key when it comes to facing challenges large and small.

From fossil sources to sustainably produced fuel However, methanol is currently obtained from fossil sources that can ultimately run out.

By helping to introduce a new production process Port of Antwerp is now taking practical steps towards making the port more sustainable.

We won't solve the climate problem by taxing entrepreneurs into the ground.

This innovative project shows once again that our companies are very much part of the solution, especially when they come together and collaborate as here in the port of Antwerp.""I am very glad that Port of Antwerp has taken on this role.

The new investment is expected to create 100 direct jobs.

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