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Davidson's last publicly viewable post on her Facebook page was made just after noon on April 19, just 48 hours before her lifeless body was discovered.The post contained the results of an online personality quiz that sought to find the respondent's greatest inner strength.After 21 hours, Chevalier forced the woman to drive him back to his car and begged her to not call the police.

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The quiz told Davidson that her greatest inner strength was compassion. "You have a true sense of empathy for all you meet, and your willingness to reach out and help those in need will ensure that you'll make an abundance of friends in your lifetime," the quiz results said.

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In late March or early April, the friend said, Davidson tried to cool things off with Chevalier and called off the engagement.

Chevalier changed his relationship status to "single" on Facebook, but Davidson kept her relationship status listed as "engaged" on Facebook.

The two continued to swap public messages on the social network, but many of Davidson's posts seemed more despondent than the messages she had posted earlier in the year.

She posted memes about overcoming challenges in life, some of which Chevalier commented on.

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Investigators have released few details about Davidson's murder, but have said that she appears to have been strangled.

Her body was found by a neighbor in the basement at 50 Lincoln Street. The brother, who also lives in the house, called police at pm last Saturday. A hearing is scheduled for Monday in an Imperial County, CA, court at which time investigators expect to learn whether Chevalier will waive extradition back to Massachusetts to face murder charges.

" Davidson posted on Facebook when she announced the engagement on social media. Now Chevalier sits in a California jail, awaiting extradition back to Massachusetts to face charges he strangled Davidson last weekend, hid her body in the basement of her North Andover home, then fled to California.

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