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A restraining order may be made in addition to the conviction, or an injunction obtained.

The PHA is the main criminal legislation dealing with the offence of harassment.

Conditions of the orders may include a ban from the area where the victims live or a specific ban on approaching or communicating with the victims.

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Tenants are often convinced that this is true as the lease itself either explicitly or impliedly makes it appear that the occupants of the rental unit is something that has been contracted to and that the landlord has legally reserved the right to control who lives in the apartment.

Is a landlord allowed to restrict, prohibit, or impose rules (visiting hours, number of visitors, increase rent charges etc.) on who a tenant allows to visit, stay long or short term, move in with as spouses, move in with as romantic partner, move in with just to share expenses?

Injunctions may be made under Housing Act or Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 provisions, where the harassment or intimidation is housing-related, or under section 222 Local Government Act 1972 or Article 116 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972, which enables local authorities to take court action to promote or protect the interests of the inhabitants of their area.

Eviction of the perpetrator is another option, moving the individual away from those whom they are intimidating or harassing.

Criminal harassment in Northern Ireland carries the following maximum sentences: In addition to the criminal sanction, a civil court (county court or high court) can also impose civil injunctions in harassment cases as well as awarding damages to the victim for the harassment.

The PHA makes a breach of such an injunction a criminal offence, which is: This is unusual, as the normal sanction for breach of the terms of an injunction is contempt of court proceedings in the civil court that ordered the original injunction.

Local authorities have a responsibility to take immediate enforcement action to protect those who are being harassed or intimidated.

This may be through an injunction or an interim ASBO (which may be obtained without notice to the defendant in Scotland and Northern Ireland) or a Community Protection Notice (in England and Wales) and can provide immediate relief and raise confidence in the ability of local agencies to tackle this sort of anti-social behaviour.

Landlords will often point to a clause in the lease that states that the tenant is "so and so" and the "only" occupants in the rental unit are the following people.

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