An error occurred while updating the configuration airport express Privat sex chat rooms with cams no sign up

I'm thinking two options:1) Ask the forums whether anyone has a Billion being used as a base station and have successfully added an Airport Extreme as a remote or relay station, OR..2) Perhaps I can set up the Apple Extreme as the base station connected to the internet, and then use the Billion as the remote station.

But does anyone know whether that would detrimentally affect Vo IP quality?

The Default Settings doesn't seem to be an issue as I'm about to change settings.

You may need to select your network from the Airport menu and try again".

If only Apple would introduce a Vo IP-enabled ADSL2 Time Capsule, I'd be laughing!!

Air Port Utility shows a graphical overview of your Wi-Fi network and any base stations connected to it.

The primary base station (Home, in this example) is connected to the Internet via your modem or router.

I want to use the Extreme to extend an existing network so that I have net access at the other end of the house. But following a house move, I'm now on ii Net's Naked DSL, and needed a Vo IP capable router. I've reset the Extreme who knows how many times now, and I consistently get this message after trying to update it..."An error occurred while updating the configuration.

I ended up choosing to go with the Billion 7404VGP-M, and I've upgraded that to the latest firmware (5.54b). I'm running an Airport Express over the same network that the Billion is on, but only to stream music to my sound system. Please make sure your Apple wireless device is plugged in and in range of your computer or connected via Ethernet and try again.

I enter the name of my existing network in the Network Name field, I leave 'Allow wireless clients' checked, and choose WPA/WPA2 Personal for Wireless Security, and enter password.

Now here's a bit I'm not sure of, but I've tried it with and without anyway and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

But I go into the Internet icon and for Connection Sharing I choose 'Off (Bridge Mode)'.

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