American strat dating

The scales show a mere 7.1lbs, and even by vintage Strat standards that’s pretty featherweight.Acoustically, the tone is loud, unusually chimey, superbly defined and has the effortless ‘freed up’ quality of a thoroughbred.

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The finish on the back of the neck is worn off in the first position, and well worn up to behind the 10th fret.

The fingerboard wear is consistent with that on the rear of the neck.

It was August 1959, and he had just worked for the summer in a glassware manufacturing plant to save up the $360 the Stratocaster was going to set him back.

By 1960 he had formed a band with a few friends, and was playing dances in the area and getting rave reviews by the local papers.

The band was called The Fender Tones, and an original band business card and newspaper clippings can still be found in the case pocket, along with the original purchase receipt for the guitar.

This Fender hardtail Strat is in excellent and 100% original condition.

The neck carve is about as perfect as one can find, the pickups are full or character and life, and the acoustic resonance is really something else.

Playability is very good, despite the worn original frets, and the set-up (done by us) is lovely.

Frets are original and fairly worn in the first position.

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