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Kate Levitt and Brian Blomerth perceive sex in a different way.

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In the six-minute short, a wealthy heiress (Clavicle) seduces liberal-arts students in Washington Square Park.

Clavicle, an NYU communications grad originally from Westchester, wears a bondage mask in the movie — both because it’s a turn-on and she doesn’t want her parents to know she’s in a porno. “I don’t think it’s the type of thing that most people would get aroused by,” Clavicle says.

Some couples turn to counseling in times of stress.

Josephine Decker and Zefrey Throwell turned on the camera.

They also decided the experience would make good art. “We decided to begin filming our life and re-creating events that happened to us,” says Throwell, 39, of Bushwick.

“It’s a twist of reality television and aggressive therapy.” Sounds like the kind of movie that fits right in at a festival of…pornography?

The same goes for the film by Bushwick artist Bradford Kessler, 32.

He and his girlfriend of six months — a 23-year-old who appears in the film under the nom de porn Ethel Clavicle — say it’s an extension of their kinky relationship.

Three years ago, the Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, filmmakers had been dating a month when they had sex for the first time…and the condom slipped off.

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